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Founded in 1993 by Rod and Susan Garvie, Evolve Training epitomizes resilience, innovation, and leadership in health and safety training. Rod & Susan are now both retired, the reins have been passed over to their daughters Linda Barclay and Julie Neish. Linda’s Vision for 2024 is to grow Safety Support

The Inverurie training center fueled growth. Evolve rapidly expanded its safety course offerings, from Confined Space to Forklift training, establishing leadership in safety education.

A pivotal moment was the Aberdeen Confined Space Training unit, propelling Evolve into a leading role in Oil & Gas, Utility, Construction, and Emergency Services. Forklift became our next growth for the business and now our most popular training course to date.

Now 30 years old, with extensive staff experience, Evolve  has reached its current position.

Meeting growing expertise demands, transitions from Inverurie to Kirkhill and acquiring the Wellheads Industrial Estate Headquarters marked strategic advancements.

Step into the dynamic current training center—a hub of learning. Practical training areas, 14 rooms, and convenient parking create an environment where knowledge flourishes.

Evolve Training proudly aligns with renowned awarding boards, each exemplifying a steadfast commitment to excellence in health and safety education. Moreover, our accredited, high-quality courses encompass:

These partnerships not only actively underscore but also emphasize our unwavering commitment to delivering training that exceeds industry standards. At Evolve, we actively empower individuals and organizations, thereby actively contributing to the ongoing development of a highly skilled and safety-conscious workforce.

The Evolve story, a tale of passion, adaptability, and unwavering dedication, shapes a safer, skilled workforce. As chapters unfold, Evolve stands ready at the forefront of innovation for the next safety training evolution.

Evolve Training  is not just a provider of courses; it’s a partner in building a safer, more resilient community.



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What Our Customers Say...

“Evolve instructor was very articulate, helpful, good training day”
B3 Conversion
“Great Facility - Friendly Staff and a clean Venue”
Semi Skilled Forklift
“The instructor was helpful, knowledgable and engaging. Good Training and worthwhile.”
Working At Heights
“Really enjoyed the refresher, instructor was first Class”
B3 Forklift
Approved & Accredited Training
Evolve is an approved training provider recognised by industry bodies including: