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The incorporation of NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) into the narrative of Evolve Training elevates the company’s offerings to a global standard of excellence. NEBOSH, established in 1979 as an independent examining board and awarding body, has become synonymous with comprehensive, globally-recognized qualifications tailored to meet the diverse health, safety, environmental, and risk management needs of workplaces worldwide.

Annually attracting around 50,000 candidates, NEBOSH’s influence spans over 120 countries, making it a beacon of expertise and credibility in the field. The alignment of NEBOSH qualifications with the professional standards of organizations like the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM), and the Institute of Water Environmental Management (CIWEM) solidifies its standing as a benchmark for excellence.

The approval as an Awarding Body by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) in August 2009 further attests to NEBOSH’s commitment to upholding the highest educational standards, even at a national level.

In this global context, Evolve Training in Aberdeen emerges as a facilitator of knowledge and empowerment, offering a range of NEBOSH qualifications tailored to diverse learning preferences. The commitment to providing flexibility in learning methods reflects an understanding that education should adapt to the lifestyle of the learner. This adaptability positions Evolve Training as not just a provider of courses but as a partner in the journey of individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in occupational safety and health.

The integration of NEBOSH qualifications into Evolve Training’s portfolio enhances the narrative, presenting the company as a conduit for globally recognized excellence, shaping the future of safety professionals in Aberdeen and beyond.

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We offer 5 NEBOSH Courses
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26/2/2024 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
26/8/2024 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
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15/1/2024 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
18/3/2024 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
13/5/2024 - 8.30am Aberdeen Book
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“Thanks for a good 2 days the facilities were great and staff very welcoming”
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“A well presented course delivered by very knowledgeable instructor. Gave us all the information we needed for the difficult exam, and to take forward into the workplace to create a safer environment for all employees and visitors.”
NEBOSH FIRE Safety & Risk Management
“Your instructor was extremely helpful, course was excellent and highly relevant to me. Much Appreciated”
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“The trainer was excellent at including the interpreters and deaf participant. Very much appreciated Thanks”
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